Get the Facts on Eddie Mannis


•  Supports privatization schemes that divert public tax dollars away from public schools, like Gov. Bill Lee’s voucher program

•  Backed by extremist politicians who are suing to overturn the Affordable Care Act and end coverage protections for 1 million Tennesseans with pre-existing conditions

•  Endorsed by a special interest group that supports one-size-fits-all high-stakes student testing, which has resulted in “teaching to the test”

•  “Big business” politician who favors tax breaks and other tax handouts for big corporations

•  Endorsed by a corporate special interest group that opposes any increase to the $7.25 minimum wage, paid family leave policies and Medicaid expansion

Eddie Mannis supports using public tax dollars to pay for tuition at private schools.

The same well connected special interest group that gave millions of dollars to the politicians who passed Gov. Bill Lee’s unconstitutional private school voucher bill into law are supporting Eddie Mannis.

The group named Mannis a “school choice champion” for his commitment to protecting Lee’s law.

Private school vouchers, by any name, divert money from our public schools, which are already underfunded. Tennessee is 46th in the nation for student funding and second to last in the Southeast.  

His opponent, Virginia Crouch, opposes Gov. Bill Lee’s private school voucher law. 

Mannis welcomes support from extremist politicians who are jeopardizing health coverage for people with pre-existing conditions  

The politicians, who are under-investing in our healthcare and trying undo health protections for Tennesseans with pre-existing conditions, are also backing Eddie Mannis.

Their partisan lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act endangers health coverage for millions of Tennesseans — like cancer survivors and people living with diabetes. The majority party’s lawsuit could also eliminate patient protections that prohibit insurance companies from discriminating against people with chronic illnesses and return us to the days of patients being denied treatments because of cost.

These extreme party bosses support Mannis, so if he’s elected, who will he side with?

Mannis will oppose pro-family policies like paid family and medical leave and raising the minimum wage

Mannis is a millionaire business owner whose financial support largely comes from other wealthy business owners. So it’s no surprise that Mannis earned the endorsement of a corporate special interest group that opposes common sense, pro-family policies like increasing the minimum wage and implementing statewide paid family and medical leave.

This special interest endorsement confirms what we knew: Mannis will stand with big corporations in opposition to pro-family policies. But we can count on his opponent, Virginia Crouch, to vote on behalf of Tennessee’s hardworking families — not special interests. 

Eddie Mannis will put big corporations and special interests ahead of our families

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