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Under Tennnessee’s extreme abortion ban, the state will force rape and incest victims to carry a pregnancy from their attacker to term.

Tommy Vallejos: SUPPORTS
forcing rape, trafficking and incest victims to carry their pregnancy from their attacker to term.

Ronnie Glynn: OPPOSES 
Ronnie Glynn will fight to keep government out of women’s medical decisions.

Education funding: Do the candidates support diverting public tax dollars away from Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools to fund private schools, including privately-run charters?

Tommy Vallejos: YES 

Ronnie Glynn: NO 
(source: tweet at:

Health coverage: Do the candidates support making TennCare health insurance available to workers who are not covered by their job?

Tommy Vallejos: NO

(Source: candidate website)

Ronnie Glynn: YES 
(source: The Leaf Chronicle)

Abortion: Do the candidates support banning all abortion, even in cases of rape, incest, or to save the mother’s life?

Tommy Vallejos: YES 
(source: Clarksville Now)

Ronnie Glynn: NO 

(source: Tennessee Holler, August 24, 2022)

Cannabis reform: Do the candidates support decriminalizing marijuana so no taxpayer dollars are spent incarcerating people for simple possession?

Tommy Vallejos: UNKNOWN

(Source: No public position found)

Ronnie Glynn: YES 
(source: candidate social media account)