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Get the Facts on Todd Gardenhire

On support recent public education state budget cuts, which reduced public school funding by $70 million and eliminated teacher pay raises? 

Gardenhire voted “yes” on $70 million in cuts to public education and eliminated teacher pay raises. (Source:

On support using public tax dollars to pay for private school tuition?

Gardenhire voted “yes” on Gov. Lee’s 2019 private school voucher law. (Source:

On support for emergency COVID-19 funding for public schools?

Gardenhire blocked $150 million of emergency COVID-19 funding for public schools. (Source:

On support expanding medicaid health coverage for Tennesseans? 

Todd Gardenhire voted to block Medicaid health coverage for hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans most vulnerable. (Source: 296322/)

On support background checks, permit and training requirements for guns? 

Todd Gardenhire voted for HB2817, a bill to allow people to carry firearms in public without a permit, training or background checks. (Source: BillNumber=HB2817)